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Moulden Skin Panel Door Shutters

Skins used on the door as face panel are very high density wood fiber skins, source from advance & well equipped plant in India, USA & Europe . These skins are 100% environment friendly & are manufactured by using 100% wood fiber & E1 glue which approximate to human health. Here also seasoned & dried hardwood internal framing (Rail & stile) is used with choice of internal core construction (solid or Best quality Alternative Green Tubular Core). These doors are thermosetting resin bonded, hydraulic hot pressed and eco-friendly.

Option in Skin Door

2 Panel / 3 Panel / 4 Panel / 6 panel

Flat Skin door ( Flat surface Without any Design )

Fire Rated Moulded Skin Door (30 & 60 Minutes)- First ever in India

  • 2P

  • 3P

  • 4P

  • 6P

Supply Will be only with The pre primed skin not with the paint or polish as shown