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Flush Door Shutter

These doors are made as per BIS with seasoned & dried hardwood internal framing (Rail & Stile) & choice of internal core construction (solid or best quality alternative green tubular core- confirms to PEFC & green building concept (PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organization)

Features of Alternative Green Core

Excellent Green Product/ Must for the sake of future generation and for fighting global warming/ Also good in weight management/ impact resistance- high stability/ fire performance –low burning rate/ Low formaldehyde emission-E1/ Superior surface finish/ Precision in thickness- No telegraphing/ Flexibility & high sound reduction.

Option in Flush Door Shutter

Paintable flush door(with commercial ply facing)

Decorative veneered flush doors- with choice of decorative veneer.

High pressure laminate (HPL) flush doors- with choice of laminate.

Special resin coated flush door for wet areas like toilets etc.

Standard thickness: 30/32/35/38/40/42/45mm.

    Choice Of Natural Decorative Wood Grain Vaneer or Laminate on your Flush Doors.

  • Teak

  • Teak 2

  • Wenge

  • Sapele

  • Oak

  • American Walnut

  • Mohagany

  • Maple

  • Beach

  • Beach 2