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Contrary to the competitior's belief "Fire happens seldom", Kutty has always supplied theauthentic fire doors considering the fact that "Fire can happen any time", & "Fire doors with 'compromise' is as good as normal flush doors"

    Why fire doors are must & a Collective Social responsibility ?

  • Fire kills 3 person every hour.

  • Every 6 minute there is a reported fire emergency in India.

  • Our fire door are tested as per IS 3614 part 2 and BS 476 part 20 & 22 at GQMC- Government Quality Marking Center- Department of Industry & Commerce- Haryana/CBRI-Roorkee & many other distinguished lab of India and designed to work during the fire accidents as fire stopper or separator thus giving you extra time to save the precious life of people.

  • These door are available in following ratings:
  • 30 Minutes Fire Rated Door
  • 60 Minutes Fire Rated Door
  • 90 Minutes Fire Rated Door
  • 120 Minutes Fire Rated Door
Pictorial Representation of Fire Door Assembly